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Solving Fuel Emergency Situations

Here on the Gulf Coast, we know firsthand what it’s like to deal with hurricanes, storm-related floods, and other emergencies that can lead to power outages and fuel shortages. Lard Oil Company’s commitment to our customers does not waiver as storms approach and affect the Gulf Coast. We put our customers first and take pride in delivering fuel emergency products to you 24/7/365.

flyer for lard oil company related to hurricane preparedness

Need to Make an Emergency Fuel Plan? Call us at (800) 738-7738.

Crafting Fuel Contingency Plans for Emergencies

Planning and preparation are key before any emergency. Each year, we revisit our company’s emergency response plan and form contingency plans to meet our customers’ needs before, during and after an emergency situation. Our logistics team comes through for our customers in times of need, acting as soon as possible to deliver fuel and other supplies to keep your operations running smoothly.

Before a storm, we are in touch with our customers to ensure they have enough fuel and other products to make it through the emergency. We develop a specialized plan and execute together. This preparation and coordination sets Lard Oil apart from the competition, allowing us to fuel our customers and help them recover quickly following an emergency situation.

Committed to Our Neighbors

We serve our community during these emergency situations as well. Many times, we deliver fuel for emergency generators to local governments and municipalities, hospitals, and nursing homes. Lard Oil Company is deeply committed to serving our communities, especially in times of crisis.